New Staff

The China Outreach Ministries staff continues to grow! Please pray for these new campus staff members in their service to visiting Chinese students and scholars.

Brenda Harris joined COM as a new staff member in October. Brenda is currently a teacher in Southern California and is planning to serve on a campus in the Eastern Los Angeles area in the Summer of 2017. Brenda has considerable experience working with foreign students here in the U.S. She and her husband, Ralph, have hosted a Chinese student in their home for the last year, and Brenda has been teaching students of many ethnicities for over 22 years. She and her husband have been married for 29 years, and she has two grown children. Brenda is currently studying Mandarin Chinese with a goal towards fluency. Please pray for Brenda as she prepares to relocate in order to begin her ministry, and as she is in the process of building her support network.
Yali Yang joined COM, as a tentmaker, on January 13th. For the past two years Yali has served as a volunteer with our team at Portland State University in Oregon. She has extensive experience serving scholars, as she has also worked in the university’s International Affairs Office helping international students. In March, Yali will complete her higher education certificate program focused on student services. During her time at Portland State, Yali has been heavily involved in campus outreach activities, including leading worship, translation assistance and participating in a WeChat care group. Please pray for Yali as she is now studying, online and with local mentors, to increase her ability to understand and teach the Bible and to share her faith with others.
Currently a student at Westminster Theological Seminary, Fangying Nong lives in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, with her husband Qingliang and their (brand new!) son, Iain. As she expects to graduate with her MA in counseling in early 2018, she has begun her campus ministry training and plans to serve students and scholars full-time on a metro-Philadelphia university campus following the completion of her studies.
Joe Suen joins COM following 11 years as a Bible teacher at an international school in Tianjin, China. He, his wife, and four children now live in Georgia, where Joe is completing his campus ministry training. He plans to serve students and scholars full-time on a university campus in Georgia. Joe brings a wealth of ministry knowledge to his new role, as he has a Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and has served in the past as both a youth pastor and English ministry pastor in Philadelphia.
Vanessa Magnus has returned to the US after 11 years living in China where she served as a teacher in a northwest province for the last six years. Vanessa earned her MA from Columbia International University and has extensive continuing education in Chinese language studies. She is currently preparing to minister to students and scholars at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. Vanessa learned about COM after reading an article that featured Glen Osborn and Daniels Su’s book, China in our Midst.
Jia Zhu joined COM as a tentmaker in December 2017. Jia, his wife, and two daughters live in Louisville, Kentucky, where Jia is currently completing his MA in Worship Leadership and Theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Jia completed his undergraduate degree in chemical engineering. He began his ministry studies at Westminster Theological Seminary in Philadelphia, where he was originally introduced to COM through Esther Xiao. Jia will be serving the scholars at the University of Louisville.

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