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    The word “relationship” kept popping up each day with deeper meaning throughout our annual COM Staff Conference this past April in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We witnessed the power of relationship in action that first day when we greeted one another with hugs and caught up in the Portland airport, on the two-hour bus ride to Cannon Beach Conference Center, during our first delicious dinner together and as we gathered that evening for worship followed by a heartfelt greeting from Glen Osborn as he was preparing to turn the responsibility of COM’s presidency over to Daniel Su. God spoke into our hearts through Moses Lugemye who led worship and Mark Hedinger and Enoch Wan our guest Bible teachers. God impressed on our hearts that meaningful relationship is truly the heart of Christianity and the key to fulfilling the Great Commission. We are called to be “one” working together for His kingdom


    From Ben and Cathy Bidelspach, Penn State University



    In addition to staff members joining us at the COM Staff Conference, God has blessed us with two new staff members!


       Jean Chaffee joined COM as a tentmaker on May 17 and will be working with students and scholars at Green River College in Auburn, WA as well as working with Rich Fullner’s team at the University of Washington in Seattle. Jean comes from a family with deep missionary roots, her brother having established Evergreen Family Friendship Service (also known as Shanxi Evergreen Service in China).  Today, she continues this tradition of service as she regularly hosts Bible studies in her home for foreign students and serves in various other service capacities, including serving as a volunteer chaplain in a local women’s prison. Jean is married to John, a physician, and they have four grown children. Many of you had the opportunity to meet Jean at our Staff Conference in Cannon Beach, Oregon this past April. I am sure you

    will agree, we have been blessed to have Jean partner with COM to reach Chinese students and scholars in the Pacific Northwest.


       Ying Deng joined COM as a tentmaker on June 22 and will be joining the Penn State University team, led by Kirk Zuercher. Ying is an accomplished biochemist in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at PSU. She is the wife of Xin Luan, who currently serves as campus staff in Penn State and they are blessed with two beautiful young daughters. Ying has participated in a support role for her husband’s ministry, and we are very excited to have her join the COM family as a staff member. We look forward to her contribution to the work at Penn State!


    From Jesse Burns, COM Leadership Center, Mechanicsburg, PA

  • Giving Stock : Good for You and COM!

    Giving appreciated stock is a simple way of expanding your support of China Outreach Ministries and be a good steward of the property God has given you. Suppose you want to make a gift to support your favorite COM missionary or the COM Fund, but you have limited cash to do so. A tax savings could allow you to give more while at the same time making your gift affordable.


       If you own individual stock that has appreciated since you purchased it, you could sell it and pay capital gains on the appreciated portion and then give the remainder to COM.  Or you could have the stock transferred from your brokerage account to COM directly and receive a tax deduction for the full value (on the day you transferred it) and not owe any tax on the appreciated portion.


       Here’s an example:

       If you bought XYZ stock for $5,000 and then gave it to COM when it was worth $10,000, you would not have to pay tax on the $5,000 of appreciation. You increase your giving capacity when you give appreciated stock.


       If you have questions about how to give appreciated property like stock or any other appreciated property, please call Jeff Krimmel, V.P. for Development, at 717-591-3500 or email him at

    Thank you!

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