Helping Local Churches Engage in International Student Ministry (ISM)

Impact for Your Church

If your church doesn’t want to impact nations in need of the gospel message of Christ, stop reading here! Massive numbers of international students and scholars are among us on nearby campuses. Who are they? With the increasing number of international students on US soil, there is a corresponding need for people from local churches to welcome them and share the love of Christ with these visitors.

At China Outreach Ministries (COM) our vision includes local churches, both inside and outside of China, being enriched and encouraged by the conversions, testimonies, and service of these students—and we value cooperation. We collaborate and develop teams with like-minded individuals, organizations, and churches, encouraging North Americans and Chinese to work together.

Hear Bethel Community Church’s pastor share about their experience!

Sessions COM Offers to Help Churches

To help evangelical churches engage the global outreach opportunity of international student ministry (ISM), China Outreach Ministries (COM) offers:

COM can meet with your local church or group of churches to cast vision for international student ministry, share what you need to know, and give how-to’s for mobilizing, or further mobilizing, in the strategic work of ISM. This adaptable and interactive training session can be delivered in a small group context or a larger, classroom-style setting.
COM can meet with campus ministry staff and/or local church leaders to inspire and equip you as mobilizers. We’ll explore the why, what, and how of engaging others in outreach. For ISM-passionate leaders with limited time, this adaptable training session will help you raise up more laborers. Though preferably held in-person, this interactive session is also available through video conference.
COM can meet with your church’s leadership to investigate mobilizing, or further mobilizing, in the strategic work of international student ministry. This session explores your church’s DNA and unique opportunities, gives reasons for and benefits of engagement, and shares what you need to know about reaching international students nearby. This consult is dialogue-orientated and can be held in-person or through video conference.

Sessions are led by COM’s Director of Church Partnerships, Beau Miller, and include research-based content and success factors from churches effectively-mobilized in ISM. Dr. Miller served for thirteen years as International Pastor at Briarwood Presbyterian Church, PCA in Alabama and five years as Executive Director of the Association of Christians Ministering Among Internationals (ACMI). He completed a dissertation at Columbia International University (CIU) on the topic of How Local Churches Mobilize to Evangelize and Equip Nearby International Students.

If you’d like more information on these sessions or to discuss another approach to help your church, let’s talk.