How Many Pieces Does It Take to Build a Puzzle?

I’m always amazed by jigsaw puzzles. The first time I saw one, I wondered how each of the seemingly disjunct pieces turns out to be indispensable in forming the final picture. How many pieces does it take to form a jigsaw puzzle? Well, the answer is: All of them!

COM’s ministry is also made up of many pieces—our staff serving on campuses, volunteers, board members, leadership and support staff, along with churches and individuals that pray and financially support our ministries. All these pieces, when put together by the master’s hand, form a picture of the body of Christ working together to give Christ to China’s future leaders.

As we pray and serve together, we begin to see God’s puzzle being built right before our eyes, piece by piece. Some Chinese scholars may have just arrived in America and are amazed by the Christian hospitality they have received; other Chinese may have begun to open their hearts to receive Christ; still others may be returning to China ready to share their new faith.

And so God continues to add pieces to the bigger puzzle he is building. Perhaps you’re already part of the work of COM. Or maybe God is leading you to find your place with us as he is building. It takes all the pieces to form a puzzle!

-- Daniel Su, COM President