Is This Chicken Wing Cholesterol-Free?
Daniel Su


As we grow older, we become more mindful of our health, particularly our cholesterol levels. Recently, I bought a rotisserie chicken from Sam's Club, and as I indulged in the wings, my favorite part, I couldn't help but quip, "Is this chicken wing cholesterol-free?"

Beth, my wife, turned and looked at me but did not say a word. It was only a rhetorical question, and she knows I like to joke. But she was also aware of my desire to maintain a healthy diet.

This question, though, got me thinking about the impact of small things. Just like how seemingly insignificant choices—enjoying a tasty chicken wing, for example—can impact our health over time, our everyday decisions and behaviors also have a cumulative effect on our character formation.

Each choice we make, no matter how small, influences the person we become and the legacy we leave behind. Our character is not formed in grand occasions but rather in the ordinary moments of life. I’m reminded of this quote from an unknown source: "Our thoughts lead to actions, our actions to habits, our habits to character, and our character to destiny."

Let us, then, be cognizant that small things are not small, as they have the power to shape our lives and those around us. We serve a God who sees, even small things. The Scripture says in Matthew 10:42, “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward."

Just a cup of water? What a small thing! May we live to please him, in small things as well as in big ones.


March 2024