How Do We Find Joy?
Daniel Su


This is the day the Lord has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it. —Psalm 118:24

What does the new year hold for us?

Are you hopeful and joyful as we start 2023?

Many people find it difficult to be hopeful as they point to the many daunting problems facing us this year, including the lingering pandemic, the brutal war in Ukraine that sees no end in sight, and the looming economic recession in the US. We Christians recognize these facts as well—we’re not the type of people who bury our heads in the sand. However, we choose to rejoice—not because of our circumstances but despite them.

That’s why the Scripture teaches us to rejoice “in the Lord” always. It is in the Lord where we find the living spring of our joy. We are realists with hope!

This is the day the Lord has made. What does it mean? Is there such a day that the Lord has not made? Of course not. But it means that God is the Lord over time and human history; it means God is in control despite the chaos in the world; it means he’s the source of our strength and delivery; it means he has a good plan for this day, and he will accomplish it. Therefore, we have solid reasons to hope and rejoice.

If this is the day the Lord has made, it follows that this is the year the Lord has made. During the course of the year, likely we will all encounter our challenges one way or another—ministry, health, or relationship issues. May we be reminded to look beyond our circumstances and choose to rejoice in the Lord.

January 2023