Sound and Fury
Daniel Su


On a tranquil Saturday afternoon, I plugged in my leaf blower, igniting a cacophony of sound. Its roar filled the air, mingling with the rustling and swirling of fallen leaves.

To me, this was a routine task, a seasonal chore of clearing my deck. But to Jemma, my small Shih Tzu dog, it was a tempest of noise and chaos. Terrified by the tumult, she barked fervently, as if caught in the midst of a raging storm. Her sharp barks pierced through the doors, a poignant reminder of her bewildering ordeal. Her peaceful world had been abruptly turned upside down.

In a heartbeat, I reached down and unplugged the blower. As the deafening noise subsided, so did Jemma's frantic barking, replaced by an expression of amazement and relief.

I couldn't help but chuckle at my dog's reaction, but it made me reflect on the vulnerability of not just our four-legged friends but us humans as well. When we tune into the news and witness the wars or political turmoil, or when we face personal challenges in health or relationships, we, too, may feel as though we're caught in a storm. Unlike Jemma's barks, our reactions may be internal—worry, fear, and panic.

In times like these, it's essential to remember that Jesus has the power to calm the storm. He can simply "unplug" it, just as I did with my blower. In the Bible, we read of Jesus calming a literal storm on the Sea of Galilee. With a simple command, "Peace, be still," he transformed a raging tempest into a tranquil sea (Mark 4:39), leaving his disciples in awe.

God also assures us in Psalm 46:10, "Be still, and know that I am God." God is God; He can achieve the impossible.

Amid the clamor of life, it's easy to feel unsettled and fearful, akin to Jemma during the leaf blower's roar. Today, as we confront the tumultuous world around us, remember that God is in control and has a good plan for us. When life's sound and fury threaten to overwhelm us, let us turn our eyes to Him, acknowledging that He is the one who can quell the storms and bring true peace and tranquility.

October 2023