Testimonies From Our Staff

“I was introduced to COM at the same time that God called me to do full-time ministry in December 2013. It is my joy to share the gospel with others, especially when God used me to bring some Chinese to Him. I am so glad that what I do now is what I am passionate about, that is to work with COM to reach more Chinese in the U.S. for His kingdom.” — JingJing

God had called me to full-time service with Chinese students in 2002 with another mission organization when I was still single. In 2013, after I was married, with God's blessings, my family moved to State College to learn from other COM senior staff how to work with Chinese students and scholars in North America. In the summer of 2015, we were sent to Florida to start a new ministry with staff at the University of Central Florida. God has given us lots of opportunities to practice what we had learned and has also taught us how to focus on Him and follow Him closely. I am really excited that God continues to bless me and to lead me and my family in His kingdom! —Liying Liu

“I became a Christian through COM’s ministry in Ohio in 2005. I’m so excited God has called me to serve full time with COM as a missionary to Chinese students!” — Xin Luan

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